Cedar Valley Kennel Boarding Contract


Arrival Date:_________________Pick Up Date:___________________Time:__________am/pm

(The owner agrees to drop off and pick up dog(s) during the pre-arranged time and date)

1. Pet’s Name:______________________________________________________Breed:__________Sex:____________

2. Pet’s Name:______________________________________________________Breed:__________Sex:____________

3. Pet’s Name:______________________________________________________Breed:__________Sex:____________

Person to contact in case of Emergency:_______________________________________Phone:_______________________

Vet’s name:                                                                                              clinic


Equipment with pet:


Special Instructions:

The Boarding fees are $10.00 per business day  per dog and charges start on the first day of drop off.  All fees are due in full on the day of pick up.  If all fees are not paid Cedar Valley Kennels shall not be required to release the pet(s) until all fees owed under this contract are paid in full.  In the event of an illness the undersigned owner gives Cedar Valley Kennel authority to have a veterinarian perform all necessary medical services.  Owner agrees to pay all veterinary charges for the pets upon pick up.

Occasionally boarding can expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current condition.  We request permission to bathe the pet if deemed necessary.  The boarding facility agrees to exercise due and reasonable care for your pet.  We assume no liability for loss or damages from disease, death, running away, theft, fire injury to persons other pets or property by this pet or other unavoidable causes due diligence and care having been exercised.

Please print Name:


Home phone:                                                                                                               Cell phone
Owner agrees to the above:



Fill out bottom upon Pick up:

Length of visit:______(boarding fee)______additional charges______total charges:_________

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