Most dogs adjust quickly!

Quiet country setting puts your pet at ease.

Your Pet's Home away from Home!


Tips On Boarding:

  • Don't feed anything other than what you normally feed your dog! Feeding new food will cause stomach upset.
  • Bring a blanket or something from home that doesn't have to be returned! Some dogs may destroy beds or blankets.
  • Make goodbyes short! Pets reflect our emotions so try to make your farewell less emotional, to not stress your pet.
  • Please remember our Kennel is a dog boarding kennel and children should not be unsupervised while on the premise.


Charges are per day and per dog/(per business day)

All charges start on the day you drop off and include the day you pick up.  

Some discounts may apply for long term boardings of two or more pets. Contact us for more information.